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The Library is Expanding Rapidly:
Improvements and Changes!

By Mark Brown, Librarian

Note: Trustee Mark Brown has organized our enormous collection of magazines into individual binders, with each issue protected in a special clear slip cover with "backer boards" that have been chemically treated to inhibit the further deterioration of these rare magazines. Mark has also organized our collection of hundreds of club newsletters, Scan the Past CDs, kit manufacturer catalogs and a hundred other items. Here's his report on recent activities:  

Fellow Trustee Phil Gladstone and I are currently working on organizing the incredible quantity of GSL-related printed materials that Mark Gustavson has saved over the years, and other Championship items that have been donated over the years – most recently by Tom West. We have printed documents from all the years, all the artwork ranging from Ted Nagata's original GSL image, to the work of Russ Schwenkler, to the work of Bob Wick that's been used for at least 15 years. Phil and I are preparing sequential binders of memorabilia and ephemera, matched by adjacent binders filled with images of each year, along with magazine coverage and other publicity items. We hope to combine all of the items from major scrapbooks on the early years (assembled many years ago by Renee Kallen) into these binders, and eventually scan all GSL items for long-term preservation. When finished, this will be a major collection of historical items on the Championship.


I placed each magazine in special archival sleeves, with backer boards, to help chemically stabilize the magazines and protect them from getting bent. Each title is divided into years, and then placed in individual binders.

Also, the Museum has acquired, over the last few years from Trustees Alan Raab and Mark S. Gustavson (who have made purchases from Ebay) wonderful back issues of Model Maker, Model Cars, and The Model Maker. These titles provide a look at a variety of modeling interests from years past: these magazines were United Kingdom publications from the 50's and 60's that included, boats, planes, trains, and automobiles. The Model Maker is from the early 1920's and 30's, and showcased models such as steam engines, trains, and boats. This is a great magazine to view modeling skills and details from that time period. These early editions are extremely fragile and may not last until they are scanned, so additional help is needed from scanners.


The magazine collection is extensive, and we've also gathering club newsletters (the small white binders on the right side of this image). Vintage VHS tapes (top of the bookcases) await conversion to CDs.


We are collecting these two titles, which reveal a great deal of interesting historical and building detail . These magazines are hard to find.


Speaking of rare, this United Kingdom magazines (actually, two titles were combined) is wonderful to read and research.


This title ranges back to the Thirties. Additionally, we have a full run of Car Model, a nearly complete number of Model Car Science and other magazines.

Model club newsletters have been moved from the small binders and combined into larger ones. These issues are really interesting since they provide an insight to modeling activity from all over the world. We want to keep a record of each club's activities. If your club publishes a newsletter, e-mail it to me (including any back issues) for printing and archiving – here's my e-mail address: Printed issues are welcomed, also.

Finally, I'm also working on assembling "Personality Profile" binders, each of which will be focused on historical figures in our hobby. Each of these binders will be in colors different from the magazines (tan covers), GSL items (burgundy covers), club newsletters (blue). I'll draw on items that Janet Gustavson has organized in our filing cabinets for these persons, initially: Bob Barnett, Don Emmons, John Estlow, Augie Hiscano, Jim Keeler, Bob Paeth, Ed Roth, and Gerald Wingrove. 

Finally, if you have any of the following magazines you'd like to donate, or loan for scanning, please contact me or Mark S. Gustavson (contact info on last page).

Can you help by donating excellent copies of the following publications?

Auto World Catalogs (small issues)
1959 - 1st Edition (replace black and white copy)
1960 - - 2nd Edition (replace black and white copy)
1962 - 5th Edition (replace black and white copy)
1964 - 7th Edition
Large Issues
1965 - 9th Edition
1966 - 10th Edition (replace)
1966 - 11th Edition
? - 13th Edition
1967 - 14th Edition
1968 - 15th Edition
1969 - - 16th Edition (replace)
1970 = 18th Edition
1971 - 21st Edition
1972 - 23rd Edition
1973 - 24th Edition
1974 - 26th Edition

Car Model:
1965 - March, April, November, December
1969 - September
1973 - March; May thru August (verify if published)
1974 - August thru end of publication (verify if July is last issue)

Exact Scale Quarterly:
Any Year - All Issues

IAAM Bulletin
1951 thru 1954 - all issues
1955 - February
1959 - all issues
1960 - all issues

International Modeler:

All except April 1968

Miniature Car Quarterly:
Any Year - All Issues

Miniatures Truck
Volume 3, 4 to end of publication

Model Cars Illustrated:
1964 - April

Model Car Science:
1963 - all
1965 - June, July, August, September, October
1969 - February, March
1970 - April

Model Maker:
USA Publication start around early 1920's

Model Maker (UK Publication)
1951 thru 1960
Any year - all issues

Model Maker & Model Cars (UK Publication)
1961 thru 1964
Any year - all issues

Model Cars: (UK Publication)
1964 thru 1971 - June
1972 - August thru December (end of publication?)

Model Car Racing:
Any year - all issues

Toy Cars
Any year - all issues

Please contact the Museum if you would like to donate items or have any ideas to improve the Library. The fair market value of your generous donations is tax deductible (but, as always, talk with your tax advisor).

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