smrNmcbm Zupan's Mercury
Phil Jensen
Bob Paeth

Johnny Zupan's '49 Mercury, Restorer/Finisher: Fred Grumke

Another of the unfinished Barnett customs is this replica of Johnny Zupan's '51 Mercury. This model has now been delivered (finished) from the workshop of GSL Best of Show winner Fred Grumke.

Well known for his dedication to high-quality building, Fred has recently accepted the assignment of completing Bob's replica of the Bettencourt/Zupan custom Merc. Custom enthusiast "Uncle Bill" Aitchison has supplied research for this project. More information as it becomes available

Here's a view of the well-detailed side trim and slant post top chop.

The quality of construction and attention to detail is everywhere evident. Note, for instance, the exquisitely detailed front seat that replicates the first version of the car.

"Master Builder Fred Grumke spent two years completing Bob's model  Typically, Fred's work was first rate and attentive to historic detail: for instance, Fred had the lacquer toners specially matched to the original color formula. Fred also worked hard to replicate the original Zupan interior. The Museum, and hobbyists everywhere, express their great appreciation to Fred for his terrific work. Fred presented the model to the hobby at the seventeenth annual GSL International Model Car Championship. Go here for information on the seventeenth Championship or visit the site for information on the Eighteenth GSL Championship.

Here are some shots of the finished model!

Great job, Fred! I'm sure Bob would love it!

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