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Oscar Koveleski Contacts the Museum
Recently, the legendary Oscar Koveleski, founder of Auto World and participant in many other automobile events, recently called and passed along information on how to contact Robert "Smitty" Smith - an essential part in the Auto World tradition and the first half-dozen years of Car Model magazine, Paul Sable (a Car Modeler contributor, and now a professor at a small college), and Lee Koronow who won a full-size Buick car for his winning model in the Revell-Testor contest. Mark S. Gustavson will soon be interviewing these guys for the Museum and the Revell-Pactra/Testor book (see story elsewhere). 

Oscar also was key to the Museum's acquisition of the collection of famed builder Dave Shuklis. Read more about the Shuklis Collection.

Thanks, Oscar!

Media Coverage of the Museum
The Museum continues to enjoy wonderful and unprecedented coverage in the media.  Our thanks to Don Emmons for major article on the Museum in the December 1999 issue of Rod and Custom magazine.  Don carried two articles on the seventeenth GSL Championship in preceding issues of Rod & Custom, and then followed up with this blockbuster article.    Don's leading role in our hobby continues many decades after he first burst on the scene in the early Sixties.  Don is also a Museum/SAE Hall of Fame Recipient.  Thanks, Don!

Additionally, the Museum was the focus of a major article in the November 1999 issue of Toy Update (4515 20th Avenue, SW, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 52404; e-mail:   Spearheaded by writer Ryan Thompson under the direction of editor Jeff Lohr, this two-page article, featuring three color photos, gives a good basic history of the Museum and many of its programs and features.  The Museum has fifty (50) spare copies of this magazine that are available on a first-come, first-served basis to anyone (one to a person) who sends a 9"x12" manila envelope with $1.00 postage already affixed.  Thanks to Ryan and Jeff for this great article! 

 The Museum Goes Worldwide
In the recognition that the Museum should expand its focus outside the United States and Canada, we have instituted our Foreign Representatives Program.  Leading hobbyists in many foreign countries have been selected to report to the Museum on their countries so that the Museum can become the clearing house, and repository, for model car activities throughout the world.  Additionally, these individuals have agreed to represent the Museum in their countries and to assist with Museum programs.

The Museum wishes to express its grand appreciation to the following individuals:

    Juha AirioFinland
    Anders Ericson:Sweden
    Kevin FentenIreland
    John Olive Giambanco:Spain
    Francisco RuppBrasil
    Marko FlysGreat Britain
    K.S. RamanIndia
    Rik HovingAmsterdam

Please look elsewhere in this newsletter for comments from some of these individuals as the Museum enters a new year, century and millennia!

Book Sale
As the first collaboration between the Museum and the Fundacio Manuel Olive Sans, created to perpetuate the work of the famed scratch builder and to train forthcoming craftspeople, the Museum is the exclusive dealer in the United States for the book Manuel Olive Sans: Una imagin de perfeccion, a book (in Spanish) that features incredible photographs of the master builders' work.  Copies of the book can be obtained by sending $90.00 to the Museum (payable in United States dollars only); following receipt, the book will be shipped from Spain for receipt in 2-4 weeks. 

I have purchased a copy and the book is utterly remarkable!  Please support this program, the net proceeds from which go directly to the Museum.

Thanks to John Olive Sans for his great efforts!      

Aftermarket Company Supports Museum!
Replicas and Miniatures Company of Maryland donates to the Museum!

The Museum also wants to acknowledge the continuing support of Norm Veber's Replicas and Miniatures Company of Maryland. For several years, Norm has been donating a percentage of the sales of his ARDUN Ford Flathead engine kit to the Museum. Norm's pioneering generosity will be the template for the Museum's Aftermarket Support Program that will be launched following GSL-XVII: leading model car aftermarket companies will be invited to designate one or more of their kits as the source of a percentage-donation of each sale to the Museum.

Thanks, Norm, for your great support of the Museum!

Tax Deductable Status Granted!
Following a successful application process, the Internal Revenue Service of the United States has granted tax-deductible status to the International Model Car Builders' Museum, effective June 1, 1996. This means that, pursuant to the provisions of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, the reasonable, fair-market value of anything contributed by any supporter of the Museum can be deducted by that donor IF that donor itemizes other expenses when his or her annual tax return is filed with the Service. Donors who do not itemize, but file the 1040 short form, can probably not take a deduction for the reasonable value of any contribution to the Museum. (However, see the disclaimer below). In practice, this means that the full dollar value of any monetary contributions, and the fair market value of any item, can be itemized.

 Donors to the International Model Car Builders' Museum are strongly encouraged to be responsible, and exercise high ethical standards, in determining the value of their "contributions in kind." Abuses of the hard-fought tax deductible status for the Museum might imperil the Section 501(c)(3) status of the Museum, thereby harming the Museum should the tax deductible status be withdrawn. The full value of all monetary donations may be taken "dollar for dollar." However, Members of the Museum who have donated $12.00 for their annual donation are advised that only $8.00 may be fairly deducted since the cost of the newsletter (production, copying, mailing, envelope) is $4.00 per year per Member.

 Copies of the Determination Letter may be obtained by sending three .32 UNATTACHED stamps to the Museum along with a note specifically requesting a copy of the "Tax Deductible Status Determination Letter" along with a check for $2.00 to cover copying and envelope charges.

 All donors to the Museum are encouraged to consult with a tax professional to determine the actual use of the deduction by the donor concerning the donor's individual tax circumstances. No legal or accounting advice is here being offered to any donor. 

Appointment of Assistant Research Directors.Rex Barden and Bill Harrison have been appointed Assistants to Museum Director of Research Randy Vandraiss. Rex and Bill have recently distinguished themselves as they have worked extraordinarily hard in assisting Randy compile the incredibly rich and varied history of the Revell-Pacta and Revell-Testor contests in the Sixties. The dedication and help of Rex and Bill have been invaluable and their continued assistance will greatly aid the Museum

May 2002
Tri-State Scale Model Car Club Donation
The Tri-State Scale Model Car Club has again made a very substantial monetary to the Museum as part of its venerated Grow the Hobby Fund. $1,500 has been donated from proceeds raised from gate proceeds and a die-cast auction at the recent 2002 NNL-East show.
Details here...

Gerald and Phyllis Wingrove open their website and offer Portfolios! - Details Here...

The Milano Model Toy Museum Opens to the Public!
The International Model Car Builders' Museum notes with interest and support the opening of Dean Milano's Milano Model Toy Museum. This Museum from the noted collector and kit historian, this Museum features car, planes, ship, figures, science fiction, rockets and space, H.O. Structures, and dioramas. Of particular interest in scale vehicle miniaturists are Dean's wide range of rare Monogram kit dealer presentation items! This kit museum opened at a gala ceremony on Friday, April 5th.  Located at 116 Park Avenue in Elmhurst, IL, you can reach Dean at: 630-279-4422 to arrange for a tour. 

Leading Aftermarket Companies Promote the Museum!
We are pleased to tell you that our arrangement with leading aftermarket companies to promote the Museum has been very successful. We have picked up about a dozen new Museum members through the effort of our sponsors who include a copy of our newly-revised Museum brochure with each order.  This kind of support is greatly appreciated, and will help to get the word out about our efforts, and gain new members. We are pleased to add Championship Publishing as our newest participant in this great program. Patronize these terrific sponsors! 

The Museum expresses its gratitude to these companies (arranged in no particular order). Buy from them often!  Black Gold, R&D Unique, Replicas and Miniatures Company of Maryland, The Modelhaus, Nitro Models, Scale Motorport, Championship Publishing, The Model Car Garage, Little Motor Kar Company, and MCW Automotive Finishes. 

January 2002
Aftermarket Support
We are pleased to announce that some of the leading aftermarket companies have graciously agreed to include a Museum brochure in each of their orders. This kind of support is greatly appreciated, and will help to get the word out about our efforts, and gain new members.

The Museum expresses its gratitude to these companies (arranged in no particular order). Buy from them often! Black Gold, R&D Unique, Replicas and Miniatures Company of Maryland, The Modelhaus, Nitro Models, The Model Car Garage, Little Motor Kar Company, MCW Automotive Finishes and Scale Motorsport

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