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Starting in 1992, The International Model Car Builders' Museum joined up with Scale Auto Enthusiast to create the Hall of Fame to honor those who have made the most significant contributions to the history, growth and development of the model car hobby. The role of Scale Auto can scarcely be overestimated: without the coverage and open endorsement of that magazine, the Hall of Fame program could not have prospered as it has.

In the early years, we only honored one person each year. Later, in 2000, we decided that two people should be inducted each year because there were so many people, roughly divided into two categories ("Writer/Builder" and "Industry/Insider"), that should be inducted. We have a committee that nominates people. The Hall of Fame has inducted a wide range of people who have made a genuine and positive impact upon the scale vehicle hobby.

We are happy to continue this great tradition again with the cooperation of Scale Auto (thanks a lot, editor Jim Haught and Kalmbach!). The Hall of Fame nominating text, and reference to this Museum website, is presented on page 11 of the April 2007 issue of Scale Auto where the text gives a reference to this Museum site for voting where the reader is directed to the Museum's web site. Thanks, Jim!

Please carefully consider the nominating text, below, and determine for whom you will vote. Then, go to the bottom of the nominating text, link to the voting ballot, fill it out and send it to the Museum. Be sure to select just ONE person from each of the two categories. Votes will be gathered until June 1, 2008 at which time the winners will be printed in Scale Auto and on this Museum web site. Your vote will be carefully tabulated.

After the winners are determined, those Hall of Fame inductees will be notified, and their names are added to a new Hall of Fame plaque crafted by Bob Wick (the original plaque created by Gary Schmidt, founder and initial editor of Scale Auto Enthusiast, is "full."

You can go here on this website to read more about the Hall of Fame award, and those great individuals and companies that have been previously inducted into the Museum/Scale Auto's Hall of Fame.

Thanks for participating in the Hall of Fame program!

The Trustees of the International Model Car Builders' Museum

Industry/Insider: Tom Carter. Tom was the driving force behind Hobby Heaven, one of, if not the leading, new and vintage model car kit mail order/Internet order shops, now changed to Spotlight Hobbies and its accompanying Message Board. The establishing of the Spotlight Hobby Message Board has paved the way for scale vehicle builders worldwide to interact, contact and share ideas, knowledge, and friendship.  Tom has been instrumental in ensuring that the pastime of model car building continues, by his direct input to the model companies over the years.

Industry/Insider: Mike Siegman. Mike was one of the first entrants in the car model aftermarket with PJS Enterprises. Along with Russ Schwenkler, he changed this into one of the most successful aftermarket companies ever: S&S Specialties. S&S singlehandedly made photoetch parts a viable detailing item for modelers, and was among the first companies to introduce the use of machined metal parts as detailing items. S&S was also one of the first aftermarket company to mass-market detailing kits for specific model car kits. Within two years, Mike morphed the largely regional Texas-Oklahoma Shootout into the high-profile Southwest Challenge contest which drew contestants from a wide geography. Mike also elevated Foreign/Exotic class of cars into a national competitive venue for model car contest.

Writer/Builder:Juha Airio. Juha is a Finnish model builder who specializes in 1/25 scale replicas. He came to worldwide attention a decade ago when he started to compete in the GSL Model Car Championship and in Mark S. Gustavson's Custom Clinic Contest. Since then, he has produced masters for resin casters, and a series of articles for Scale Auto detailing the process for creating models of cars not produced in scale kits.

While his subject matter is often arcane, his skills at modifying existing kits into completely different cars has provided a wealth of innovative techniques that he has freely shared in his magazine articles – such tricks as foil casting, and building glue-less, scale windshield frames and "glass." The result has been a long series of stunning, painstakingly accurate models of such varied cars as a 1956 Studebaker Commander, a 1964 Wolseley Hornet, a 1967 Dodge Polara, and a 1977 Chrysler Cordoba.

Juha is a master at re-creating the contours and details that make his replica stock models miniature works of art. In his articles, he offers and tips and tricks to duplicate his amazing work.

Writer/Builder:Russ Schwenkler. As a builder, Russ was a pioneer in building contest winning models featuring multi-media materials. Russ was also one of the few modelers who was a national caliber builder in multiple classes. He is the only person to have won FIVE 1st Place awards at a single GSLMCC – the most single Best in Class wins by a single builder in a single year. Russ won Best in Show at GSL-XIV (1993) pioneering the use of specially-commissioned machined parts designed by the builder. With a background in graphic arts, Russ also pioneered the use of paint and shadowing as a tool for building championship scale replicas.

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