Used to Be...
Ranchero Project

How We Did it Then

Mike Barlow and Mark S. Gustavson are working on an article on building the venerable AMT '61 Ranchero Styline kit using building materials and supplies from 1962 or earlier. So far, vintage Revell glue has been used to attach the front and rear custom fascias. When the glue had dried (remember waiting days for the thick solvent to set up?), some old Pactra putty was used to fill in the gaps - the putty was usable but just barely: We wanted to use the old AMT putty but no good putty could be found. Modern sandpaper has been used (no vintage paper could be found); when the second coat of putty has dried, AMT's lacquer primer (#PS-6) will be used to smooth the surface. After the primer has been carefully sanded, a couple of coats of AMT lacquer Metallic Green (#PM-3) will be applied after which AMT's lacquer Kandy Green (#PT-3) (with the "by Barris" notation on the can). Monte and Ulrich upholstery kits will be used to detail the interior. So far, Mike has taken a few dozen photos; when the article is done, it will be submitted in several different forms to Scale Auto Enthusiast, the Journal of the MCCA and Scale Wheels. This has been a wonderful experience!

 This really doesn't fit very well...

 Maybe some judicious use of this file...

 Oh, Man! This stuff stinks!

 Smooth as butter!


Once the surface was basically smooth, I drew on the forward hood line since I assumed that a quality builder in the early Sixties would have wanted a hood outline to be suggested. A hobby knife was then used to scribe the line.


Just the front and back customized areas were treated to spray primer (ever notice how many of the details of early-era customs were obliterated by too-thick paint?). After drying (the cure time wasn't much different from modern acrylic lacquers), I sanded the surface using 400 grit sandpaper (again, no modern sanding sticks were used).

On to the Paint! More...

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