smrNmcbm Valiant Project
Used to Be...

Last time, we took a brief look at the construction of a vintage AMT Styline kit -- the '61 Ranchero. It was built with historic construction supplies that have been donated to the Museum. Thanks to the generosity of dozens of donors, including Dick Groenheide and Don Emmons, who have both donated a considerable collection of AMT spray lacquers, we have a good selection of hobby paints, Revell tube glue, Pactra putty, vintage flocking and spare parts.

Let's build another Styline kit, this time the venerable Valiant kit seldom seen today. I found a tube of really soft Testors putty and we have many tubes of glue. We'll use the rejuvenated AMT lacquer primer used in the Ranchero project, but we'll use a later version of AMT spray lacquers, Orchid Silk (#404). I'll airbrush the lacquer using an old Badger gun, and I'll use Bare Metal foil again since Bob Paeth has convinced me that an aftermarket foil kit was available in 1962. As the bodywork progresses, I'll grab some of the several spare aftermarket kits to customize and detail the kit, though the AMT kit will supply most of the parts used.

Let's take a quick look at the kit and early work. Next time, we show more photos of this project and then finish it up in the second 2002 issue of The Builder

It is incredible to think in these days of parsimonious packaging that a kit manufacturer would go to the trouble to produce an interesting, informative and beautifully produced instruction booklet. Testors glue and putty will be used.

The Styline parts didn't fit well. Note how the glue has turned amber after thoroughly drying. Wonder how much putty will be needed (we wanted to use AMT putty, but we didn't have any soft enough to use).

To keep faith with the goal of this project, the Testors putty was slathered on the Styline nose piece. It took several days of drying before the putty could be sanded. Wait 'till next issue!



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