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Hot 150 List
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First Age: 1961 and Earlier:





Reason(s) for Inclusion


1   '56 Mercury

Budd Anderson

Rod & Custom; 11-56, pp. 34-35

Early fully customized model, introduced hobby to the public, pioneering effort


2.   '56 Ford

Jim Savage

Rod & Custom; 4-57, p.34

Winner Rod and Custom contest, superior customizing with few supplies



3.   1/32 '32 Ford

Tony Broer

Rod & Custom

8-59, p. 30

Great use of early kit parts and a Hemi engine from '56 Revell Chrysler kit


4.   '56 Buick

Sidney Westburg

Custom Cars, 1960 Annual, p. 124

Radical customizing job before the AMT customizing kits appeared


5.   Tiago Ranchero

Dick Reynolds

Custom Car Models by Barris, (Spotlite book #S-508), p. 12; Car Craft

4-61, p. 55

One of the first examples of scale replica custom modeling

Dan Booker

6.  Roth's Outlaw

Chuck Edwall

Custom Car Models, S-508, p. 36, Car Craft, 6-61, p. 50

Replica custom street rod built by Edwall well before the kit was available from Revell. Excellent scale replication of a difficult subject. 


7.  '29 Ford Pickup

Don Jolley

Rod & Custom 10-61, pp. 35-36

Incredible model for the time. Superb craftsmanship.


8.  '60 Ford

Donna Shuld

Custom Car Models by Barris, 1962, p. 11 (Spotlite book #S-508) Car Craft 6-61, p. 52

Probably first customizing effort by a young woman


9.  '40 Ford Sedan

Jim Keeler

Custom Car Models by Barris, 1962, p. 25 (Spotlite book #S-508)

Great example of early customizing

Roy Urvald
 - Finished, and presented at GSL XIX. Model owned by Museum.

Second Age: 1962 through 1968:





Reason(s) for Inclusion


10.  Turbine Tub

Click link for Photo!

Jim Keeler

Rod & Custom, 2-62

Cover and page 46

Fantastic model, especially with the Revell Turbine engine, great styling modifications, inspired many copies, one of first models to appear as a "prop" for article in "big car" magazines

Gustavson has started restoration. Original model owned by Museum.

11The Shamrock

Click link for Photo!

Dave Shuklis

Car Craft, August '62 pgs. 44-45

See Museum Web page for magazine references to other Shuklis models

High profile customizing model of early, mainstream magazine coverage. Early, leading advocate of sophisticated building. Amazing detail. Valiant struggle against debilitating illness. 

Shamrock restored and in the Museum (restored by Pat Covert and Bob Downey). Model owned by Museum.

12.  Custom Collections

Sheldon Cousins

Model Car Science, Car Model; June 1964, p. 16

Though the styling was questionable, Cousins' work was ubiquitous and representative of the "butterdish" school of customizing


13. '60 Chevy

Click link for Photo!

Mike Yamashita

Model Champions, 1963, page 35

Though not entirely successful in scale realism, this model was another example (along with the work of Svitek and Hiscano) of exploring the limits of realistic, operational detailing in model car building.


14.  MCS X-100

Bob Paeth

MCS 4-63, p. 26-29

One of the earliest "fantasy" models. Picked up on Roth-esque styling. Feature of a how-to article.

In Museum (donated by Paeth)

15   Dixie Bee

See a complete article on the cloned model here...

Robert Smith?

Oscar Koveleski?

Car Model; 10-63, cover

Unique styling, interesting customizing subject, copied many times

In Museum. Model Finished, featured in Vol 6 No. 1 of The Builder and on the web site.  Work by Bill Taylor   


16.  MCS XI

Jim Keeler

Model Car Science, 8-63, p. 24-27

Model Car Science 9-63, p. 11-15

One of the earliest examples of full customizing in a magazine. Adventurous model by installation of bubble top, frame swapping, opening/hinged door, candy paint.

This model will be presented at GSL-XXIII (2011). Gustavson finishing chassis. Model owned by Museum.


Robert A. "Smitty" Smith

Car Model, 9-63, pp. 19-20

First major customizing model feature model: pioneered sectioning, chopping, chassis detailing, engine wiring, candy painting, extensive media coverage.

Restored by Mark Gustavson,

In Museum.

18.  Sty-Ray


Charles Gibilterra


Car Model 10-63, p. 49

Car Model, Feb. 64


Pioneered fiberglass casting of master modeler, Scratch building excellence, beautiful finish


July 2006: Charles appears in Jacobus' book on the Fisher Body Craftsman Build. Contact made. Availability of model unknown.

19.  Off Beat Beauty

Donald Katz

Car Model, 2-'64, cover and pgs. 22,27

Remarkable example of offset styling, major winner in Revell-Pactra I, super craftsmanship, feature articles


20.  Pegasus


Richard Mike Johnson


Model Champions page 12; CM 11-63, p. 17, 19 and the cover


National Senior Winner, Revell-Pactra Contest. Sophisticated styling, good detailing, model was used as template for trophies in later R-P II and III contests.



21. Corvette Roadster

Tom Davison

Car Model, 11-'63, cover

Pioneering use of metalflake painting, major winner at Revell-Pactra I

Jeff Worsham has started model. Original builder Tom Davison has been contacted by Museum.

22.   '62 Pontiac

Jerry Svitek

Model Champions 1963

Page 10

Awarded "Most Working Parts" in Revell-Pactra. One of the earliest examples of very aggressive detailing, concentrating on working parts. 

Original model exists. Lost touch with builder after initial interview.

23.  Black Beauty

Augie Hiscano

Model Champions 1963

Page 9

Aggressively detailed model with working parts. Awarded "Just Plain Fantastic" at Revell-Pactra I. Attention to detail, operational/scale details, Scratch building details.

In the Museum.

24   Dragster

Jim Ray Yonts

Model Champions, page 6, 1964; CM 11-63, p. 19

One of the earliest examples of drag racing machinery. Sophisticated detailing. Working parts.


25.  Two-engine Dragster

Carl Dunn

Car Model, January, 1964, pgs 16-17; Model Champions, page 8

Leading edge detailing, helped pioneer drag modeling details, won top award in Revell-Pactra I national contest

Norman Veber (Replicas and Miniatures Co.) Has resin cast the P-51 engines and other parts required to clone this great model.

26.  Tiger by the Tail

Bob Sifferd

Car Model, Sept. '64,

 pgs. 18-20

Very good early example of replication of a real custom car. Extremely clean workmanship.


27Blue Roadster

Augie Hiscano

Car Model

December 1964, p. 20

Co-senior winner of Revell-Pactra II contest. Further refinement of fantastic details pioneered on the Black Bandit.

In Museum.

28.  '29 Ford Roadster

Jack Herndon

Car Model 3-65, p. 27

One of the wilder examples of prototypical customizing from the era. Well executed.

Bob Paeth (RIP) started the body work - basic body in shop of Mark S. Gustavson. Gordon Clark is searching out needed parts.

29.   Astrodan

Lonio Stern

Car Model 6-64 pg. 13


The first examples of asymmetrical styling. Well executed models for the time. 


Model was on display at GSL-XXII (2009); Model needs to have its interior finished and then final assembly.


30.   Astrorod

Lonio Stern

Car Model 7-65, pgs.18-19

Another wild example of styling. Major presence in CM


31.   Custom

Richard Carroll


Model Car Science, 7-65, pgs. 34-35

Revell-Testor III winner. First example of an entire new style of building scratch built, brass-bodied customs with custom lacquer finishes. This style was later developed by Denny Johnson.


32.  Neumann's '32   Ford Roadster 1/8

Don Emmons

Rod and Custom Model, 6-64/7-64

The best of the early 1/8 scale conversions, it demonstrated Emmons' sense of realism and commitment to aggressive building

Paul Mendoza. Substantial start on engine and chassis by end of 2009.

33.  Golden Rod

Al Gaby

Car Model 5-64, p. 20, and cover shot

Another of the early, well-done custom rods. Probably inspired by the Dixie Bee and the Crusader.


34Telstar &    Gold Nugget

Bob Sifferd

Car Model 7-64, p. 48-49

Sifferd's two models were innovative, and helped define the "golden age" ofmodel car customizing. Excellent early example of iriginal "futuristic" design. Presaged later styling on Dodge Deora. 

Available. Bob Sifferd is available to assist.

35.  Ferrari 250 GTO

Michel Conti

Rod and Custom Models, 8-64, p. 13

Another of the early leaders in complete scratch building, creation of real wire wheels, scale appearance.


36.  Model Collection: Mercedes Benz 300-SL, Ferrari Superfast, Ferrari 250

Manuel Olive Sans

Rod and Custom Models, 8-64, p. 16-17, Rod and Custom Models 9-64, p. 62-63

Incredible scale details, one of pioneering scratch builders to use hammered brass panels, machining, attention to scale detail. The best of the early replicas of Ferrari model. Incredible level of scale detail, virtually unheard of in the early Sixties. Also, important because of the subject matter. Presaged the work of Wingrove


37. Willys Pickup

Don Emmons

Rod and Custom Models, 12-64, p. 57-62

Another example of high-profile, aggressive model making based on a conversion. Featured aluminum working.

Already in Museum (original model). Loaned by Don Emmons

38.  '62 Ford COE

Bob Nordberg

Rod and Custom Models, 12-64, p. 28

Car Model, 7-65, p. 20

One of the best early examples of commercial truck modeling. Bob's work was highly detailed and encouraged other builders to venture away from the standard.


39.  Sting Ray

Dennis Bryant

Car Model, January 1965,

pgs. 26-27

Sophisticated Scratch building and styling. Innovative techniques. Precise work in an era with too much "butterdish" styling.



40.  '57 Thunderbird

Harry Auffinger

Car Model 4-65, p. 28, cover

Extraordinary custom building, attention to detailing, aesthetic styling, cover model.

Rick Wright started this model but passed away in early 2008. Tim Burkhardt with help from Steve Catron and Albuquerque Model Car Club, has taken on the project.

41.   '57 Chevy

Harry Auffinger

Car Model 12-65, p. 39

Relatively crisp styling in an age of 'butterdish' styling. One of a series of great models.



42.  '57 Thunderbird

Duane Gibson

Car Model 4-65, p. 47

Model Car Science 7-65, p. 34

Won the top paint award at Revell-Pactra II contest administered with the ISCA shows. Innovative/graceful styling.


43.  Dragster

Tom Yonts

Car Model, January 1965, p. 42

An additional great example of sophisticated, realistic detailing form the Yonts brothers.


44.  Mid-engined custom

Charles Jones

Car Model, Aug. 1964, p. 56; Model Car Science, Aug. '64, p. 21; Model Car Science, Aug. '65, p.21

Svelte and tasteful styling, top winner in Modelrama Championship competition sponsored by International Modeler's Guild (alter ego to Revell-Pactra show)..  Model should have been built full size by Ed Roth, but Roth defaulted. Original model lost at Roth facility. 

April 2008: Trustee Alan Raab has first version of the body and is working with Jones to perfect body and build the chassis. body and is, and will modify it following discussions with original builder, Chuck Jones. Revell parts-pack '57 Corvette frame purchased. Gustavson to paint the final casting of the body, and Raab/Jones to finish rest of model.

45.  Dragster

Rich Morgan

Car Model 12-65, pgs. 35-36

Top winning model of the Revell-Testor contest. Very sophisticated styling decisions, excellent scale work.  

Model finished and on display in Museum.

46.  European classic cars (collection)

Tomas Alani Huguet

Car Model, February 1966, pgs. 54-55

Another European scratch builder featuring European classic cars. In the tradition of Sans and Conti, Huguet presaged Wingrove. Excellent work in an era of declining American model building.


47.  "Nervous Nomad"

Paul Sable

Car Model, May 1966, pgs. 55-60

Major "how-to" article on how to make a competition car of a '55 Chevy Nomad. Article is highly detailed, and features extensive conversion work.

Tim Pentacost completed clone and is on display at the Museum. Model owned by Museum.

48.  '49 Mercury

Paul Sable

Car Model, May 1966

pgs. 33-37

Though the workmanship was spotty at times, this model represented a major attempt by the editors and Sable to revive model car customizing that, by 1966, ???

Rick Wright completed the model. On display. Model owned by Museum.

49. Dodge Fever I


Jim Keeler


Car Model, 10-68


These fantasy dragsters were probably the first of the high-level competition cars. Ultra detailed engines, working engine components.


Models is in the Museum – restored original pieces. Tom Dillion III and Gustavson restored model in the early Nineties.

50. Dodge Fever II

Jim Keeler

Car Model

After building the first one, Keeler taught us how to build another one! Huge how-to article

Models is in the Museum – restored original pieces. Tom Dillion III and Gustavson restored model in the early Nineties.

51. '60 Ford Starliner

Bill Neumann

Rod and Custom Models, 6-65, p. 52

The first model of a full size custom car replicated in the pages of any magazine. Cover model.


Model finished and presented at GSL-XXI in 2007. Model is now on dosplay in Clone the Past cabinet. Model owned by the Museum.

52.  "Way Out GT Custom"

R.A.Smith and Mike Baltes

Car Model magazine, March 1964, pgs 28-32

Good example of aggressive body work, early example of tilt front end, built by leading Auto World craftsmen

Mark Budniewski has roughed in the body and chassis, and has gathered all the parts he needs.

53. Various passenger car pickups

Budd "The Kat" Andersen

Car Model magazine,

February 1965

Budd pioneered this style of building, and built some remarkably interesting models. He was also the "Kat from AMT!"

Carl Moore. April 2008: work started. Update needed.


54. Double-engined  dragster


Jim Keeler




Great example of state-of-the-art dragster.


Finished. Tim Pentecost debuted at GSL-XIX


55. The Great One

Doug Dempsey

Car Model. Nov 1967

Substantial scratch building to build replica of then-popular drag car.

Bill Barrett. Work nearly done - status report needed.

56. Fordillac

(1959 Ford Galaxie)

Dave Shuklis

Car Model

Early substantial custom model with lots of detail.

Rick Wright (deceased) largely finished this model, needing only final assembly. Tim Burkhardt is handling final assembly.

57. Kropp's Playboy

(1957 T-Bird)

Jerry Kropp

Car Model

Early enthusiastic custom covered in how-to article.

Tim Burkhardt and Mark S. Gustavson. Clark has provided the parts.

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