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The Hot 150 List

As you may know, Museum members and special consultants have agreed upon the top 150 models from the inception of the hobby around 1956 through 1968. We need to finish this list and, as Museum members, your suggestions are needed. Here's what we need to do: help us select important models that set a new standard of detailing or design and that advanced the goal of building detailed and innovative scale automotive miniatures. Obviously, each model had to be featured in a magazine of general circulation. Specifically:

    1). Starting in 1969 through 1978 (the Third Age), nominate the most influential models. These models would surely include the MPC contest winners, among others.

    2. Starting in 1979 through 1988 (the Fourth Age), nominate the most influential models.  Among other models, these nominations might include leading models from major contests (GSL, Southwest Challenge, etc.) as well as NNL models;

    3). Staring in 1989 through 1998 (the Fifth Age), nominate the most influential models. (It's too soon to nominate models since 1999). 

The nominated models will be juried by the team of Tim Boyd, Dennis Doty, Mark S. Gustavson, the original NNL crowd in Ohio, Rick Hanmore, Dennis Doty, Tim Boyd and other selected jurors. When finished, we'll publish it, and then we can get to work either locating those models or cloning them!

Use the nomination form . Be sure to give you reasons for each nomination! 

Complete Clone the Past - Hot 150 list


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