smrNmcbm The Diorama
The Diorama

The Oakland Roadster Show Diorama

Just before construction began on the Diorama, Bob Wick did this rendering to help define our goal and to be an inspiration for Mark S. Gustavson, Bob Barnett and builder Ken Hamilton. Many authentic, historic customs can be seen in Bob's illustration. As you can tell, Mark, Bob and Ken decided to expand the Diorama by adding a "bay" to the front of the model to accommodate the many anticipated models and to add great realism to the Diorama.


The Oakland Roadster Show Diorama consumed more than 2,000 hours among its principal planners. In addition to the incredible time commitment by master modeler Ken Hamilton, lists of scale model customs had to be developed, research had to be done, fund-raising had to occur. In short, the continent-spanning effort (the Diorama was constructed in New Jersey) involved dozens of modelers from the United States, Canada and Australia. The Diorama was dedicated to Bob Barnett, just three short weeks before his death in 1994, when Gustavson, Wick and Hamilton took Bob to the Museum and, there, unveiled the Diorama (with Bob's name affixed just above the front opening); despite his early role in conceptualizing the Diorama project and doing much of the historic research, Bob had never seen the Diorama prior to the time he traveled to GSL-XV in 1994.


The scale model customs in the Diorama are constantly changing. Modelers interested in building and donating a model not part of the display may write to the Museum for a list of models still needed to fill out the floor space.

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