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What is the International Model Car Builders' Museum?

The International Model Car Builders' Museum wants to introduce you to the wonderful world of the history of the model car hobby. The Museum, established in 1990, has gathered into one place thousands of items of memorabilia about the hobby of constructing scale miniatures of automobiles.

This Web page will introduce you to the history of the Museum by looking at some parts of the collection. You can also examine some documents and other bits of written memorabilia from the hobby. If you have the time, you can read about some of the most colorful personalities  and their models  in the history of the model car hobby. There are plenty of photographs, and you will also find out how you can join our efforts. Overall, you are in for quite a treat.

Enjoy yourself and please do what you can to help us to preserve, for the future, the history of our hobby!


Mark S. Gustavson, Founder

Board of Trustees:
Paul Anagnostopoulos
Mike Barlow
Mark Benton
Mark Brown
Pat Covert
Brian Dees
Richard Engar
Jim "Hollywood" Fernandez
Phil Gladstone
Mark S. Gustavson
Bill Helm
Alan Raab
Bob Wick

Randy Vandraiss, Director, Research Services
Rex Barden, Assistant Director, Research Services

Trustee Emeritus: John Dino

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