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The Revell-Pactra and Revell-Testor Contest Book!

As reported in the last issue of the Builder, the next official publication of the Museum will be the book  To Design, Build and Win! – The history and myth of the Revell-Pactra and Revell-Testor Contests. Since our last report, Museum Trustee Bill Helm has been editing the transcription of my interviews with Lonn Stern, Jerry Svitek and Charles Jones; Bill will also edit future transcriptions. Author Mark S. Gustavson will be talking soon to Rich Morgan, Charles Gibilterra, Abigail Capps (widow of Lewis Capps), Byron Cooper and John M. Braun. Russ is now looking for Larry Elting, Bob Sifferd, Tom Smith, Mike Yamashita and others. If you know of any participant in any of these contests, regardless of whether they won an award, please get that information to Russ Harding immediately (at: – all names and related information should go to Russ who assembles and screens this information). 

The book will feature photographs of artifacts of these contests. Though we've been relatively successful with the Revell-Pactra contests, we're shy of information on the Revell-Testor contests. If you can help out (credit will be given in the book), please contact me at:, or at my office during regular hours: 801-523-3683, or by fax at: 801-553-8908.

A desired outgrowth of the effort to gather information for the pending book on the Revell-Pactra and Revell-Testor contests has been the unforseen emergence of historic modelers who actually participated in one or more of those contests. Unexpectedly, the Museum was contacted by Ken Willamon who participated in the Revell-Pactra I show. Ken decided to clean up and detail – but not restore – his model and give it to the Museum for display.  In the process, Ken recorded a wonderful video of his presentation of the model to his local club members and then sent that video to the Museum. Ken's wonderful and full story will be featured in the book. For now, take a close look at this time tunnel to 1963! 

The sectioned body style is quite dramatic. The original fogged candy gold to candy red finish is still in remarkably great shape.

The styling and detailing is a picture-perfect vision of the early days of our hobby.

Read more about the development of the book To Design, Build and Win! here...


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