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You can help the Trustees of the Museum to preserve and protect the history of the model car hobby for the future of hobbyists everywhere! Select from one of the  following areas of needed assistance and contact the Museum:

Become a Member of the Museum
For a $15.00 annual donation, you will receive three issues of The Builder and receive and a Museum Membership Card. Download / View the Sign up Form

Adopt the Museum for a Month!
In any public interest endeavor, enthusiasts are often called upon to financially support that project. Art museums, symphonies and other cultural activities all turn to individuals and groups - all potential sources of monetary support - because, typically, membership drives don't provide sufficient monetary support to sustain the effort. With annual Museum rent at $6,000 per year (and that doesn't include funds necessary for other tasks like postage, capital improvements and so forth), there is a constant need for funds. At the suggestion of Trustee Pat Covert, the Museum initiated the "Adopt the Museum For a Month" campaign in 1995 to seek the support of individual and clubs and associations by contributing $500.00 to pay for one month's rent. The response has been gratifying public-spirited hobby associations started to come to the aid of the Museum.

The following individuals and clubs have generously participated in the "Adopt the Museum for a Month Program."

    Alan Raab (Pennsylvania), Tri State Model Car Club (New York); John Mahaffey (Tennessee); Bill Slayton (California); Magic City Car Modelers (Alabama); Utah Model Car Association (Utah); Maryland Automotive Modeler's Association, Town of Newburgh Society of Model Engineers (New York), the Detroit Area Auto Modelers (Michigan), the Central Pennsylvania Model Car Club (Pennsylvania), the NNL Western Nationals (California), Scale Auto Builders'Association (Washington); Paul Anagnostopoulos, Albuquerque Model Car Club (New Mexico), the Utah Miniature Automotive Guild, a Utah Non Profit Corporation, (Utah), the Long Island Auto Replica Society (New York), IPMS/USA, Rick Wright (New Mexico), Metroplex Car Modelers' Association (Texas), Replicas and Miniatures Company of Maryland (Maryland),C.E.Anagnostopoulos, IPMS/USA, the Wichita Miniature Vehicle Association (Kansas), and Mark S. Gustavson (Utah); Larry Porter, Michael Hemp, Augie Hiscano (Orange Blossom Hobbies), Martyn Faistnauer, Lyle Willits, Dr. Chris Wally, Vere Reider, Roger Yu, Roger Erskine, Dick Groenheide, Bruce Grumney, John Larkin, Davis Lauer, Pryor Passarino, Joel Dirnberger, Frank Leisnig, Clarence Moore, Tim Pentecost, Harold Perry and Tim Powers, Pryor Passarino, Auto Model Builders of Vancouver, Puget Sound Auto Modelers Association, Dean L. Gustavson, Ronald Norman, Bob Shelton, Calvin and Nancy Crouch, Bill Barrett, Little Motor Kar Company, Dale Horner, Howard Brown, John White, Alan Breslow, Donald F. Sikora, II, Greg Plummer, Don A. Banes, John Sharisky, Scale Motorsports, Fred Drummond, Robert S. Kremer, SATCO, Tri-State Scale Model Car Club, NNL-East, Paul Anagnostopoulos, Superior Paint Supply.

The Trustees of the Museum hope that those who have adopted the Museum in the past, and others who have not yet participate, will help out by donating one month's rent. Remember that all donations are fully deductible to those who itemize their deductions (check with your tax consultant for the applicability for each of you) pursuant to the Museum's qualification as a IRS Code {501(c)(3) organization.

Thanks to all of the individuals and groups who have provided much needed financial support.   Their help has been critically important and will probably be needed again.

Do Something For the Museum!
We need your help. Here's what you can do:

    1. Hot 150.  Nominate a model for Ages Three through Five. Check out the enclosed forms and send in your nomination. Go here for further information about this Museum program.

    2. Clone the Past. There are a lot of historic models that need to be cloned for our special presentation on the history of model car building. Cloning is a blast, and gives the builder a great perspective on the past. It's a thrill to go through what someone else once did to build a famous model. Go to the web page for the list, or write for a copy. Go here for further information about this Museum program.

    3. Scan the Past.  We have thousands of magazines to scan and so little time before we lose them to photochemical deterioration. If you have a scanner, and a reasonably well equipped computer, sign up. More information here...

    4. Donate some money. If all our Museum members donated just $10, we have rent for four months. Our coffers are very low now, and even a modest donation would make a great deal of difference. Please support us!; or

    5. Serve in an administrative position. You've all read about Russ Harding who works long hours to locate historic builders in our hobby. He's a great example of the kind of volunteer we need. Right now, we have an opening for someone who could contact clubs and arrange for distributions of Museum materials, and to encourage those hobbyists to participate in Museum programs. Write or e-mail for more details. 

    6. Scan photos of all nominated models on the Hot 150 list.  Whether the original models have been located or donated or cloned, we need to present a visual record of these influential models. Scans of not-yet-selected models on this list can also be used to promote the cloning of these models.  You can see some models on the list that have been scanned for promotional purposes here...

For all of these tasks, there's a little glory and a lot of hard work. But, you'd be contributing to the future of our hobby, and you'd be working to preserve the past of this great hobby. Please think about helping out. 

Leading Aftermarket Companies Promote the Museum!
We are pleased to tell you that our arrangement with leading aftermarket companies to promote the Museum has been very successful. We have picked up about a dozen new Museum members through the effort of our sponsors who include a copy of our newly-revised Museum brochure with each order.  This kind of support is greatly appreciated, and will help to get the word out about our efforts, and gain new members. We are pleased to add Championship Publishing as our newest participant in this great program. Patronize these terrific sponsors!

Purchase from one of the Museum's Official Business Sponsors
A portion of the profits from the sale of selected items from the following companies are donated to the Museum. The Museum expresses its gratitude to these companies (arranged in no particular order). Buy from them often!

  • Black Gold
  • R&D Unique
  • Replicas and Miniatures Company of Maryland
  • The Modelhaus
  • Nitro Models
  • Scale Motorsport
  • Championship Publishing
  • The Model Car Garage
  • Little Motor Kar Company
  • MCW Automotive Finishes. 

Patronize these businesses and ask other favorite aftermarket suppliers to sign up!

Become an Official Business Sponsor!
Any aftermarket business can sign up. All you need to do is to select one or more products in your line, and agree to donate a percentage of the profit from the sales of that item to the Museum.

You can choose the product and the percentage of donation. Just pay the money quarterly. In response, we will mention your company's name in The Builder and you will receive a Certificate showing your status as an Official Business Sponsor for the year(s) of participation. You get the great feeling that you are supporting the great purpose of preserving the history of the model car hobby for the future.

You could also agree to include a Museum promotional item in every package you mail out! Please write to the Museum for additional information.

Purchase From the Museum!
Stop by the Museum Store  and purchase something.  All proceeds go to the Museum!

Read and View! a sample issue of The Builder (Adobe Acrobat .PDF)

Download/View Museum Sign up Brochure

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