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One of the best ways to help out the Museum is to purchase something from the Museum Store.  By purchasing any of these items, your donations go directly into the Museum account!

GSL Seminar Videos Available

We are pleased to tell you that Chad Benton and Mark Benton have successfully produced a series of DVDs which contain selected seminars from GSL-XIX (2003) and GSL-XX (2005). Mark and Chad did a great job of digitally recording these seminars, and they've edited them to most succinctly present the great presentations from the past two GSL Championships. Note that the sound reproduction is better for the GSL-XX sessions because our sound equipment was much better at that event.


Here are just four of the several GSL Seminar DVDs

Here is a list of the DVDs presently available (GSL XXI are forthcoming):

GSL XIX (2003)
Price: Each Video is $9.95 plus $1.50 shipping for first DVD, $.50 additional, $2.50 max shipping for any number of GSL-XIX DVDs.

    DVD 1-XIX
    More Simple Tips... Nichols & Devine
    Model Car Mechanical Detailing - Mark Jones

    Model Car Photography- Doug Whyte
    Thinking Outside the Box - Roger Yu

    Elementary Machining and Soldering – Augie Hiscano

    Scratchbuilding in Large Scale - Dave Cummins
    1937 Ford Tapertail - Dave Cummins

    Etching Polishing and Plating - Bill Cunningham
    Scratchbuilding in Metal - Tom Kirn

    Racing Car Wiring & Plumbing Fundamentals - Stephen Miller

GSL XX (2005)
Price: Each Video is $11.95 plus $1.50 shipping for first DVD, $.50 additional, $2.50 max shipping for any number of GSL-XX DVDs.

    Scratchbuilding in Large Scale - Cummins

    Concept Cars - Roger Yu

    Diorama Construction - Miguel Barbosa
    Epoxy Putty - Mike Good

    Fashioning Panels from Brass - George Layton

    How I Built the Virtue RSX - Bruce Owen

    Mechanical & other Detailing - Mark Jones
    Detailing Racing Cars - Stephen Miller

    Make out all checks and money orders to "Model Car Museum" and mail to 10291 South 1300 East, PMB #131, Sandy, Utah 84094. Note that all DVDs are copyright GSL International Scale Vehicle Championship and Convention with all rights reserved. Please do not make unauthorized copies of these DVDs because that will just harm the Museum: Note that all proceeds (other than the cost of mailing) goes directly into the coffers of the International Model Car Builders' Museum. 

THE GSL INTERNATIONAL MODEL CAR CHAMPIONSHIP, A Tradition of Auto Modeling Excellence by Mark S. Gustavson. 
Now ready for shipment, this book chronicles the first sixteen years of the GSL Championship.  The book is 196 pages in length,  contains a full color center of the Best of Show winners and reveals many previously unknown stories about the history of our hobby from 1979 through 1997.  Each book is numbered, signed and can be purchased for US $30.00, postpaid; make out checks to: "Championship Publishing, LLC" and send to the Museum; net proceeds are divided between the Museum and GSL.   Please allow three weeks for delivery.  If you are ordering from outside the United States, please add US$5.00 for the extra packaging and postage. 

Museum T-Shirts Available!.  These beautiful, silk-screened (Museum logo in blue on the front), buff -colored T-Shirts are available right now for purchase!  Each shirt is $18.00,  postpaid, and right now, we have these sizes available for immediate shipment: XXL (1); XL (8) and L (11).  Of course, other sizes (excepting XXXL) can be supplied, though there would be about a three-week delay in receipt.  As with other items for the Museum, ALL proceeds go directly into the Museum's bank account!

GSL-XVII T-Shirt Available.  We have a few leftover GSL-XVII T-Shirts available from the Museum.   "GSL-XVII" is printed on the left front of the shirt, and the Bob Wick designed GSL-XVII logo is printed extra large on the back.  The shirts are a deep burgundy color with the logos in silver. 

The Museum has the following shirts for sale. There will be no more GSL-XVII and GSL-XVIII shirts made in the future:

    GSL-XVII (1999) Burgundy color T-shirts Printed with large GSL on back, small logo on front.
     8 XL
     1 large

    GSL-XVIII ( 2001) T-shirts Gray in color
    4 XXL
    1 large

    GSL-XVIII (2001) Polo-type shirts Gray in color (with collar GSL Logo on front only)
    4 (XXL)

    MUSEUM "natural" (or beige) in color (I know - the photo looks white), with blue ink) 
    Available: 9 large

Each shirt is $12 postpaid. Make out all checks/money orders (NO CASH) to "Model Car Museum" and send to:

    National Model Car Builders' Museum
    10271 South 1300 East, PMB 131
    Sandy, Utah 84094

Custom Car/Custom Hot Rod Research Bibliography is Available!  This research bibliography focuses on custom car and hot rods with custom body work.  The list   provides research information on general, 'generic' customizing techniques. There is a lot of information here:  there are 2001 lines, 15,034 words and it runs 39 pages!   This list is available for a $10.00 donation, post paid.  This list is updated approximately every two weeks.  All net proceeds will be used in the Hot 150/Clone the Past Program.


Go here for a simple order form. Sorry, at this time we cannot process orders online.


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